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Before Recall

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Q: I saw on CPSC (Consumer Products Safety Council) recall notice that the Bungee Baby Bouncer was recalled. How can I be sure my bouncer is not that model?
A. The recall was completely volunteer. There was never a reported injury. But since we want our bouncer to be the very safest, we called CPSC for advice. The bouncer was removed from the market for 6 months while we worked very closely with CPSC and engineers. If you bought your bouncer before January 1, 2000, you may need to send your bungee assembly in for modification. If you purchased it after June, 2000 your bouncer has the approved changes.

Every order placed with the manufacturer is tested at a nationally renowned testing laboratory before being accepted by E and I Inc. We are very conscious of safety. Our bouncer meets or exceeds all the tests required for baby products and toys. At our request, the bouncer is also subjected to reliability and tensile testing. Please buy our bouncer with confidence.
Q. Why is the bouncer still on the CPSC listing?
A. If there has ever been a recall on a product, it will never be removed from the list. Any product that has ever been recalled will be there as long as CPSC exists.
Q. My baby is already 25 lbs. Can I use my bouncer longer?
A. Yes, the bouncer should last your baby until he starts walking. Please, this is intended for babies though, and is not intended for a swing or any other use for older children.
Q. Does the belly band come in other colors?
A. No, we felt purple was pretty generic as to gender. It is dark enough not to show soil easily.

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